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Volunteer Training Program Schedule

Wanted - Alive and Kicking - Volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer or want to learn more about our Naturalist at Heart program, please contact us for the latest information: or call (812) 280-9970.

Naturalist at Heart Class Tentative Schedule for 2017

All classes are on Wednesdays and Saturday, starting at 2:00 PM - unless noted.



         Topic (Introductory Level Classes)                  Dates   


Identifying spring wildflowers - April 19 and 22 at Charlestown State Park (trails 1 & 6, respectively), Jeremy Beavin, park naturalist

Tree identification - April 26, Jeremy Beavin, park naturalist

Basic survival pack for campers and hikers - May 7 - Dale Brown, park naturalist

History beneath our feet - Archaeology with Dr. Jay Stottman, June 7 and 10, Archaeologist with the Kentucky Archaeological Survey


Need more details? Give us a call. We post class details as events on our Facebook page.

Photos from some of our introductory classes

         Orientation is the first step to becoming a park volunteer.         Fossil Bed Interpretation Class (with Connie Farmer)

                        Naturalist at Heart Orientation                                 Fossil Bed Interpretation Class                    

         Introduction to Interpretation - a class on working with people      Recognizing Fossils (with Alan Goldstein)

                       Introduction to Interpretation                              Recognizing Fossils

        Prehistory at the Falls (with Bett Etenohan)         Tree Identification Class (Indoor Part) (with Connie Farmer)

                             Prehistory at the Falls                                  Tree Identification Class (Indoor Part)


Photos from some of our advanced classes

        Edible plants workshop - for volunteers only     History of Ohio River Navigation (with Chuck Parrish)

                                 Edible Plants                                             History of Ohio River Navigation

                                                                                                             (with Chuck Parrish)

        Urban Animals (with the Louisville Zoo's Doug McCoy)       Advanced Birding (with Brainard Palmer-Ball)

                               Urban Animals                                                         Birding (Advanced)

Updated April 11, 2017