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Selected Links - Our Geology Favorites

Books & Publications on Paleontology and Geology

Fossil Corals by Carl Rominger

Geological Survey of Michigan (1876)

Focuses on corals of Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian age,

primarily Michigan, Falls of the Ohio & Ontario



The Paleontology of Kentucky (1931)

W. R. Jillson's edited this compilation the fossils of Kentucky's geological time periods, each written by the top paleontologists of the day.


Kentucky Fossil Shells

An 1889 publication by Henry Nettelroth illustrating fossil brachiopods and mollusks of the Silurian and Devonian.


James Hall's Brachiopods

Published in 1867 though the New York Geological Survey, this book contains information about brachiopods not only in New York, but across the eastern half of North America (including the Falls of the Ohio).


James Hall's Corals and Bryozoans

Published in 1887 though the New York Geological Survey, it focuses on mostly bryozoans with a few Silurian and Devonian corals, not only in New York, but across the eastern half of North America (including the Falls of the Ohio).


William A. Oliver's Middle Devonian coral beds of central New York

Published in 1951, it describes the Ludlowville coral beds.



James Hall's Trilobites and Crustacea

Published in 1888 though the New York Geological Survey, this book contains information about brachiopods not only in New York, but across the eastern half of North America.


Geology of Kentucky - McFarlan's classic book

Everything about Kentucky's geology from 1943



Kentucky Fossil Corals

An 1885 book of coral photos published by the Kentucky Geological Survey



PaleoParks: The Protection and Conservation of Fossil Sites Worldwide

An on-line book that includes the Falls of the Ohio and nine other sites



Evolution and the Fossil Record

Published in 2001 by the American Geological Institute and the Paleontological Society, this short publication describes how evolution and fossils are inter-related. PDF document.



  Sites with Fossils

Ashfall Fossil Bed State Historic Site

Nebraska site loaded with ancient rhinos.



Mammoth Site at Hot Springs, SD

Famous mammoth mass-mortality site



  Fossil Connections

Brachnet: Brachiopoda and Brachiopodologists 

Network for people interested in these shelly invertebrates.



Fossil Coral  

An Australian web site that explores ancient corals.



Fossils in My Back Yard (Iowa)

County-by-county, this website explores the fossils found across the Hawk-eye State.


Fossils of New York  

Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian and Pleistocene fossils of New York State's Fossil Page

Lots of news about fossils.


Kentucky Geological Survey -Fossil Pages 

Great information about fossils, identification and Kentucky



KET Virtual Field Trip to the Falls of the Ohio 

Visit the Falls - virtually



Pyritized fossilsLouisville Fossils Blog

A regularly update fossil blog focusing on a wide range of fossil topics with lots of photos.


Maps of Ancient Earth 

Traces the changes of continents over Earth's history


Mosasaurs, marine reptiles and Cretaceous information

The Oceans of Kansas - Explore the Cretaceous seas of the mid-continent.


National Fossil Day - 2nd Wednessay in October

Inaugurated in 2010 and organized by the National Park Service, it is part of

National Earth Science Week.



New Mexico Fossil Collecting

Information by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science on collecting fossils.


Ordovician Fossils and Stratigraphy (Cincinnatian)

Photos of many Cincinnatian fossils found in southeast Indiana, Kentucky and southwest Ohio. Good information about the stratigraphy.


The Paleo Portal 

More about fossils than you can digest in one day!



Shark Teeth 

Identify teeth in Cenozoic strata


Trilobite Guide

All about these extinct arthropods...


  Museums with Fossils

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Science & Research 

Located in Pittsburgh. Links to invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology - and more!


Indiana State Museum

Has the largest geology exhibit in the state. Exhibits feature Earth's history and the progression of life in Indiana from Cambrian to Pleistocene faunas. (Cambrian is only known from drill cores.)


Milwaukee Public Museum's Virtual Silurian Reef 

Explore a 425 million-year old Silurian ecosystem. These reefs are known from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.


Museum of the Earth 

Formerly the Paleontological Research Institute, located in Ithaca, New York)


Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology 

In the badlands of Alberta, Canada

Note: the web address changes a lot


Smithsonian Institution: Department of Paleobiology

Largest repository of fossil collections in the world



University of California at Berkley: Museum of Paleontology

A lot of information about fossils.


  Organizations: Geology and Paleontology

Cincinnati Dry Dredgers 

Cincinnati-based, lots of information on Upper Ordovician fossils



Geological Society of America 

One of the world's largest organizations of and for geologists.



Kentucky Paleontological Society

Based in Lexington, Kentucky



Kyana Geological Society 

Based in Louisville, Kentucky


The Paleontological Society 

World's largest organization of paleontologists



  Online Collections with Fossils


Fossil dragonflyField Museum of Natural History 

Geology collection on-line (Chicago)



The Paleobiology Database

Designed to be used by paleontologists around the world. No images.


University of Kansas Invertebrate Paleontology Images and Database

Fossil photos (~1,500) and database from their extensive collections.



Yale University Invertebrate Paleontology Collection

Photos of fossils of most phyla.


Geology - General


New Madrid Earthquakes 

U.S. Geological Survey downloadable publication on the 1810-11 quakes.


Indiana Geological Survey  (Everything Indiana)


   Kentucky Geological Society (Everything Kentucky)


Geological Time Scales and Dating Rocks

These are websites with good charts depicting geological time, some with detailed explanations or extension activities.

American Geological Institute chart




Geological Time Scale Foundation (Based at Purdue University)

The center for the standardization of the geological time scale.




Index Fossils and Geological Time (U.S. Geological Survey)



Spongebobquh chart

Includes questions and answers relating to fossils and time.



Time scale comparing the Earth, Mars and the Moon


University of Oregon chart (shows when major events occurred)




Half life diagramRadiometric Dating Rocks  

Explains how the ages of rocks are determined.





The largest, most comprehensive website in the world for minerals and mineral locality information.


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