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Kid's Page

This page is for kid's and parents. Check out our activities to further investigate the history of life on Earth. Also check our Events page to read about upcoming kid-friendly events and activities!

Visitors walk on the fossils beds at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.

Visiting the park?

Discovery Pack

Create and use your own to explore the fossil beds.

Kid's Photo Page

Take a photo at the Falls of the Ohio and send it in!

Collecting Piles

Pick up and keep fossils and minerals here (behind the Interpretive Center).

Collecting is not allowed anywhere else in the park.

Family Nature Club

Activities for the whole family designed to get kids outside. This is a monthly program at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Click here or on the photo below to learn more and see our schedule of exciting, hands-on / minds-on activities!

Examining a giant cottonwood tree

Examining a giant cottonwood tree

Summer Camps

This summer camp program is exclusive to the Falls of the Ohio:


Family Paleontology Camp

July 11 - 13, 2017

Designed for budding paleontologists age 12 - 16, it focuses on the how to become a paleontologist through activities and field work. Limited to 10 budding paleontologists. Click here for details. Call 812-283-4999 to reserve your space. This camp fills up every year!

Camp Photos

Geological Time activity    Collecting Waldron shale fossils

                      Exploring geological time                                  Collecting Waldron Shale fossils

2015 participants were from Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

2016 were from Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas

Activities for home

Fossil Quiz 

What do you know about fossils? Take this True-False Quiz and learn about paleontology.


Match This Fossil game

Can you identify a fossil by its description?



Match Birds With Their Food

What do birds found at the Falls eat?


Match the Bird Color With Its Name 

Preschooler Bird Matching Game


Match the River Mussels

Can you identify seven freshwater mussels by their common names?


Match the Prehistoric Tool 

Can you match the tool to its description?


Coloring Pages

Print out and color - live-fossil interpretations from the Devonian period, red-tail hawk, luna moth, frog life cycle and a pioneer log cabin.


Make a paper trilobite

Link away from our website


Make a cattail duck

Native American craft - Link away from our website



Puzzle out these activities (as we develop them).



Activities to learn more about how fossils lived From our "Educator Information" section

Stories for Young Scientists!

Stories for elementary level children - with questions for further learning.

Tiny: A Trilobite's Tail

Discover the life of a Devonian trilobite!


Cruisin' the Devonian Coral Sea

Explore the Devonian Sea Floor



The story of a Devonian Nautilus


Careers in the Great Outdoors

What type of schooling and classes do you need to become a naturalist, forester, paleontologistwildlife biologist, or other exciting career? This page has suggestions and links to career information from organizations, universities and government agencies. Click on the photo to learn more!

Naturalist leads a group back from the fossil beds.


Indiana Young Birders (Part of the Indiana Audubon Society)


Nature Rocks - Learn about nature discovery activities in your area



Compelted pinecone feederMake a pinecone bird feeder

An inexpensive way to keep birds happy around your home.




platic bottle bird feederMake a plastic bottle bird feeder

A fun home-made bird feeder that can be hung on the porch or in a tree.



Foundation summer campLearn how to fish - free fishing dayExploring arch on outer fossil beds

Updated July 9, 2017