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Discovery Center

Our web site's "center of discovery," enjoy our resources including downloadable and interactive brochures. This section will include a "behind the scenes" of our Interpretive Center's collections store room. The Discovery Center is an on-going work in progress as we add and update information on topics important at the Falls of the Ohio. Improvements to the many of the topics are added frequently.

Geology & Fossils - Brochures (PDF & Interactive), articles and more! Detailed brochures on many of the fossil-types found in the Falls region as well as fossils photos that are identified. Discover the History of Land Plants with our web exhibit based on a temporary exhibit at the Interpretive Center, Autumn 2009.

Archaeology - Information about the prehistoric cultures that were at the Falls of the Ohio. The text has been updated. There is a large photo gallery of Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian stone tools from the park's collection. We hope that the images can be useful for those who have Ohio Valley projectiles that need to be identified to the style and cultural period. Additional images will be added from time to time.

Birding - Improved! Checklist with some beautiful photos taken in and around the Falls. New images will be added on an on-going basis. There is a PDF checklist brochure designed to be printed and used here by birders. The inventory of our Leonard Brecher Ornithology Book Collection is now on-line.


Ecosystems of the Falls - Learn about the different ecosystems that make the Falls of the Ohio a unique place to observe nature. From woods to sandbars, marsh to pocket prairies, there is a reason our biodiversity is so rich while crammed in an urban environment.

Fishing and Ohio River Fish - Where to park. There is a fishing component and an illustrated guide to fish of the Ohio River around the Falls. For fishermen: What can be caught this week? What do people try to catch here? When is the best time of the year to catch a particular type and what bait should I use? These questions will be answered. Written by a long-time fisherman at the Falls of the Ohio. View our fishing photo album! For science buffs: How many species of

                               fish live in the Ohio River?

Flora - Botanist and former park naturalist Bill Adams has compiled a checklist of flowering plants found at the Falls of the Ohio. There are more than 275 species including wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Species are linked to USDA plant database and photos taken at the Falls.


Fungus of Clark County - Species list of mushrooms and other fungi found in Clark County, Indiana, along with the best time to find them.



Gaillardia grandiflora 'Goblin'Gardens at the Falls of the Ohio - With the help of many volunteers, the state park has extensive plantings in and around the Interpretive Center. This web page describes our gardens and the perennial flowers we have chosen. Short articles of interest to the home gardener.


George Rogers Clark - Learn about the founder of both Louisville and Clarksville, a famous Revolutionary War general.



Lewis and Clark - Did you know Meriwether Lewis met William Clark at the Falls of the Ohio? They departed together from Mill Creek on October 26, 1803 with nine additional men to explore the Louisiana Purchase in 1804. The local connection to the expedition is explored here.


River Mussels - "Clams" of the Ohio River. This list is based on research done along the Indiana side of the river.


Scientists wishing to do research at the Falls of the Ohio State Park or any other Indiana State Park & Reservoir property should consult this document.




Virtual Exhibits - We are installing new exhibits in 2015. Our extensive old exhibits - 1994 - 2014 are preserved here. It is a good resource for research or a better understanding of the local history, geology and nature.



Updated July 9, 2017