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Coloring Pages

Print out and color these drawings.

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Fossils (Living Interpretation)


        Phacops -trilobite as living                                 Tabulophyllum - horn coral as living

      An ancient undersea 'pill bug'                                 A long coral with long tentacles

           More about trilobites                                                 More about horn corals



            Elaeacrinus - blastoid as living                                     Devonian Undersea Scene

  An extinct echinoderm related to sea stars                    Many creatures of the ancient sea

                More about blastoids                                                  More about life at the Falls



Devonian Coral Reef Scenes by Darryl Anderson

Based on the diorama (1994 - 2014) at the Interpretive Center


Snail, Cephalopod and Crinoid                    

Red-tail Hawk

Click here to see Garrick Field's excellent photo from which this sketch was made.


                               Luna Moth                                                 Life Cycle of a Frog



Pioneer Log Cabin



Updated November 18, 2014