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Featured Fossil - on the home page

          Archived Images and Information

                        Microfossils, Worms, Arthropods - Non-trilobites, Trilobites, Brachiopods, Bryozoans,

                        Porifiera (Sponges), Rugose Corals, Tabulate Corals, Crinoids, Echinods & Asteroids,

                        Extinct Echinoderms, Bivalves, Cephalopods, Gastropods, Other Mollusks, Graptolites,

                        Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Algae, Ferns, Horsetails & Primitive Plants, Angiosperms &

                        Gymnosperms, Trace Fossils, Miscellaneous

Link to 360-degree Views of Interpretive Center and Park

Visitor Information

Hours of Operations

Interpretive Fees

Student Group Rate

Link to “Educator Information” page

Parking Fees

Adult Group Information

Visit Tips

Our Facilities

Gift Shop

          Link to Probing the Wonders of the Falls book info

Directions to Park

Park Passes



George Rogers Clark Home Site and Boat Ramp>

          Link to Directions page

Gardens at the Falls

Daylily Photo Album

          3 pages of linked illustrations

Ramp Garden species list with 3 pages of photographs

Link: Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area

Why Can’t I Collect Fossils at the Falls of the Ohio?

Trail Information

          Woodland Trail

          Link to Ohio River Greenway

River Level Chart

An Award-Winning Location (and Staff)


Events at the Park

Special Events

Cabin Fever Festival

Raptor Day (Charlestown State Park)

Earth Day

Ohio River Sweep

Family Fun Fair

Rock the Rocks

Archaeology Day

Earth Discovery Day

Falls Fossil

          Festival photo album

          Current Year’s Schedule

          Link: National Fossil Day

Charlestown Under the Stars (Charlestown State Park)

Calendar of Events and Programs


Learn at the Falls series,

          Link to Volunteer Training page,

Outer Fossil Bed Hikes,

Canoe Hikes

          Link to Canoe Companies offering scheduled programs

Public Hikes

Foundation Summer Camps>

Young Explorer Day Camps

Teen Archaeologist Camp

Young Paleontologist Camp

                              > Itinerary

Temporary Exhibits

          Link to Green Planet: History of Land Plants


Educator Information

Planning Your Students' Experience

Chaperon Info (PDF)

Booking a Field Trip

          On This Page

          For Bus Drivers

          Group Reservation Form

          How do I Schedule a Trip?

          Falls Trip Planner

          Group Sizes

          When you arrive


          Drop-in Policy

          Exhibits & Aquariums

          Orientation Theater

          Activity Sheets

          Outdoor Opportunities

          Program Option for Educational Groups

          Checklist for Planning Your Trips

Programs Offered

Outdoor Fossil Labs

Indoor Fossil Labs

          Waldron Shale fossil ID sheets

Exploring the Exhibit Gallery

Groups at the GRC Cabin

Activity Sheets

          Grade 2-3

          Grade 4-5

          Grade 6th & Up

Indiana Science Standards and Falls Programs (PDF)

Kentucky Science Standards and Falls Programs (PDF)

Teacher Resources

Educator’s Handbook (60 pages)

Link to PDF on SP&R web site

              Table of Contents> 35 pages

Geology and Archaeology Boxes for the Classroom

          Fossil Kit > Inventory

          Rocks Kit > Inventory

          Prehistoric Tool Kit > Inventory

Probing the Wonders of the Falls book

A Walk in Time with Lewis and Clark

Field Trip Planner

Link to Earth Science Literacy

Geology A Living Stage of Past, Present and Future (Article by Bob Lillie and others)

The Role of the Paleontologist in Teacher Education

Activities for the Classroom or Home

          Why we aren’t Filter Feeders

          Edible Ecosystems

          Building a Crinoid

          A Look at Sediment

Careers in the Great Outdoors (with links to career information)

Campfire Stories

Link to KET Virtual Field Trip

Assistance in "Your own backyard"

         Identifying your scrambled geological collections

         Finding fossils near your school / nearby earth science sites

Professional Development

          Field Paleontology Institute > Details

          Field Paleontology Institute Discovery Day > Details

          Evolution and Adaptation > Details

          Fossils and Museums Institute

          Geology of Parks

          Connecting Geology and Habitat

          Probing the Wonders of the Falls


Home School Visit Information and Resources

With many of the links above

Group Reservation Request Form


Virtual Tour

7 pages

          Link to Patch Reef brochure PDF


Kid’s Page

Visiting the Park?

          Discovery Pack

          Kid’s Photo Page

          Kid’s Journal

          Collecting Piles

                  Waldron Shale fossil ID sheets

                  Mineral ID Page

Activities for home (all have answer pages)

          Fossil Quiz

          Match This Fossil game

          Match Birds with Their Food

          Bird Matching Game (Preschool level)

          Match the Prehistoric Tool

          Match the River Mussels

          Coloring Pages (fossils and birds with links to relevant pages on our website)

          Puzzles (hidden word-type)

          Link to Education Information page ‘Activities to learn how fossils lived’

          Link to Paper Trilobite Model

Stories for Young Scientists

          Tiny the Trilobite

          Cruisin’ the Devonian Coral Sea

Events for Kids

          Careers in the Great Outdoors (with links to career information)

          A Career in Paleontology (revised brochure of the Paleontological Society)

Links to Indiana Young Birders, Nature Rocks, Pinecone Bird Feeder, Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder


Discovery Center


Collecting Fossils

          Links to Collecting Piles, Ordovician Fossils, Cincinnati Dry Dredgers

          A Fossil Site near Sulphur, Indiana (PDF)

Fossil Bed Identification Guide

          Links to Devonian Corals page, Pseudofossils page

Devonian Brachiopods

          Illustrated lists - articulate and inarticulate brachiopods

Devonian Coral Guide

          Illustrated lists – Horn corals, Colonial rugose corals, Tabulate corals

Devonian Crinoids & Blastoids

          Illustrated faunal list

Devonian Mollusks>

          Illustrated lists – Snails, Clams, Rostroconchs & Cephalopods

          Link to Kentucky Fossil Shells web page

Devonian Trilobites





          Skin & Turtle Patterns


          Faces & Oddities

          Fossils that aren’t what they appear

          Link to Arkansas Geological Commission Pseudofossil web page


          PDFs of all Devonian fossil-related brochures:

          Discovering Fossils, Brachiopods, Are Fossils Important, Corals, Crinoids & Blastoids,                     Mollusks, Patch Reef, River Pebbles, Trilobites

          The Paleontological Society fossil brochures (also Link to the Paleo Society home page)


          Differentiating Favosites and subgenus Emmonsia

          Distribution of Paleozoic corals in the United States

          Field trip planner: A guide to geology trips of all types

          How many different Devonian fossils are at the Falls?

          Curating Your fossil or mineral collection>

                    Link to the American Museum of Natural History “A Resource for Managing Fossil                               Collections” page

          Microfossils of the Salem Limestone

                    Faunal List

          Tools for Collecting – A Checklist

          Geology A Living Stage of Past, Present and Future (Article by Bob Lillie and others)

          The Role of the Paleontologist in Teacher Education

          Source Rock for Petroleum         

          The Coral Ridge Fauna


          The History of Land Plants (on display in 2009)

                    Lobby Display

                    The First Trees

                    Seed Plant: Boldly Growing Where No Plant Has Grown Before

                    Monster Plants That Created Coal

                    Plants the dinosaurs Ate

                    Flowering Plants: The New Revolution

          The Wondrous Geode (on display in 2000)

                    Minerals in Geodes Exhibit


Paleo-Indian Period

Archaic Period

Woodland Period

Mississippian Period 

Clarksville Archaeological Sites

Artifact ID:

          Archaic tools

          Woodland tools

          Mississippian tools

Guernsey Collection photo album

Link to FOAS website


Bird interactive checklist

          3 pages of illustrated lists

Birds of the Falls PDF

Leonard Brecher Ornithology Book Collection (inventory)

Link to Indiana Audubon Society Falls of the Ohio birding information page

Ecosystems of the Falls

Terrestrial Communities: Sandbar, Mud Bank, Woodland, Pocket Prairie, Aquatic Communities: River, Marsh, Geological Communities: Rocky Ledges, Gravel Bar

Link to Classification of Ecological Communities

Fishing and Ohio River Fish

Fishing Tips

Fishing Photo Album

Fish species list (by common name or Latin name)

          Link to IDNR Fish & Wildlife home page

          Link to IDNR Falls of the Ohio Fishing Report page


Floral inventory list

          5 pages of names with photos
          Links (by individual species) to USDA Plant Database

George Rogers Clark

Lewis and Clark  

Exhibit text

          2 pages of descriptions from panel in exhibit gallery

          Link to Education Information page activity – A Walk in time with Lewis and Clark

River Mussels

Species list

          Links to photos

          Links (by individual species) to the Illinois Natural History Survey mussel descriptions

Information About Mussels

          Invasive mussels

          Mussel shell morphology

          Mussel gross anatomy

          Link to Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society

          Link to Missouri Dept. of Conservation video about the life of mussels

          Link to Kid’s Page Match the River Mussels activity


Support Us

On-line ‘Donate Now’ Button

Crossroads Campaign

          Donor List

          Link to Solid Light’s website

Join the Falls of the Ohio Foundation

          Newest brochure

Brick Campaign

Planned Giving

Fossil Fund (Education Program Fund)

Cabin Fund (GRC cabin and site)

Sign up to receive Foundation News, Invitations & Announcements

Featured Donor

Rock the Rocks

Mission Statement

Link to Naturalist at Heart Volunteer Program



Naturalist at Heart Program

Group Volunteering / Service Learning

Current Year’s Training Schedule

Volunteer Hall of Fame

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Program Description

What is Interpretation?


News Desk

Current Media Releases

          Old Media Releases


Selected Links

          Our Nature Favorites (6 links)

          Our Geology Favorites> Books and Publications (5 links), Sites with Fossils (2 links),                     Fossil Connections (16 links), Museums with Fossils (8 links), Organizations in                     Geology and Paleontology (5 links), Online Collections with Fossils (5 links),                               Geology General (1 link)

          Our Archaeology Favorites (5 links)

          Local History Favorites (8 links)

          Local Attractions and Accommodations (12 links)


River Level

Link to NOAA


Contact Us


Phone number

General e-mail address

Waldron Shale Project (temporary link location)


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