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Birding at the Falls


Osprey at lunch  

At Lunch

Kathy Dennis Photo

Osprey in air   Osprey in air

Soaring over the Falls

Kathy Dennis Photos

Osprey in the fog

In the fog - Kathy Dennis Photo

Osprey with fish   Osprey with fish

With Fish

Garrick Fields Photos

Osprey and Great Blue Herons    Osprey with fish

                     Osprey and Great Blue Herons                                    Osprey with fish

Garrick Fields Photos

Osprey mating   Osprey mating   Osprey mating

Osprey mating, March 2010

Garrick Fields Photos

         Osprey in the water

     Osprey at the nest on cell phone and power                                 Osprey in the water

        transmission tower by the hydroplant

                          March 2010                         Garrick Fields Photos

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