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List of Fish

of the Central Ohio River

From River Mile 328 - 654

Compiled by W. D. Pearson and B. J. Pearson, 1989

t = type species described from the Ohio River

* = introduced into the Ohio River (non-native)

The common name will have photos added to our album as we get images. Any sharp photos of fish on the list that we do not already have are welcome for consideration. Photographs should be from Indiana or Kentucky waters. Credit will be given, but the copyright for any images must be yours. Contact us at park @

Organized by Common Name (in Groups)                 (List Arranged by Latin Name)

Bass - Crappie

Largemouth Bass                                     Micropterus salmoides

Rock Bass                                                 Ambloplites rupestris            

Smallmouth Bass                                     Micropterus dolomieui         

Spotted Bass                                            Micropterus punctulatus       

Striped Bass                                             Morone saxatilis*                                   

White Bass                                                Morone chrysops

Yellow Bass                                               Morone mississippiensis                   

Black Crappie                                           Pomoxis nigromaculatus

White Crappie                                          Pomoxis annularis t


Bowfin                                                        Amia calva                                 


Carp Family

Bigmouth Buffalo                                     Ictiobus cyprinellus

Black Buffalo                                           Ictiobus niger t

Smallmouth Buffalo                                 Ictiobus bubalus t

Bighead Carp                                          Hypophthalmichthys nobilis*

Carp                                                          Cyprinus carpo*

Grass Carp                                              Ctenopharyngodon idella*

Silver Carp                                               Hypophthalmichthys molitrix*            

River Carpsucker                                    Carpiodes carpio t

Lake Chubsucker                                    Erimyzon sucetta

Goldfish                                                    Carassisus auratus*

Northern Hogsucker                                Hypentelium nigricans

Quillback                                                   Carpiodes cyprinus   

Black Redhorse                                       Moxostoma duquesnei t

Golden Redhorse                                    Moxostoma erythrurum t

Greater Redhorse                                   Moxostoma valenciennesi

River Redhorse                                       Moxostoma carinatum

Shortnose Redhorse                              Moxostoma macrolepidotum

Silver Redhorse                                      Moxostoma anisurum t

Blue Sucker                                             Cycleptus elongatus t

Highfin Sucker                                         Carpiodes velifer t

Spotted Sucker                                       Minytrema melanops t          

White Sucker                                           Catostomus commersoni



Black Bullhead                                        Icatulurus melas t

Brown Bullhead                                       Icatulurus nebulosus

Yellow Bullhead                                       Icatulurus natalis       

Blue Catfish                                             Icatulurus furcatus     

Channel Catfish                                       Icatulurus punctatus t

Flathead Catfish                                      Pylodictis olivaris t  

White Catfish                                           Icatulurus catus

Brindled Madtom                                    Noturus miurus

Mountain Madtom                                   Noturus eleuthurus   

Tadpole Madtom                                     Noturus gyrinus

Stonecat                                                   Noturus flavus t



American Burbot                                     Lota lota



Banded Darter                                        Etheostoma zonale

Crystal Darter                                          Ammocrypta asperella

Dusky Darter                                           Percina sciera

Eastern Sand Darter                              Ammocrypta pellucida

Fantail Darter                                          Etheostoma flabellare t

Greenside Darter                                    Etheostoma blennioides t

Johnny Darter                                          Etheostoma nigrum  

Orangethroat Darter                               Etheostoma spectabile

Rainbow Darter                                       Etheostoma caeruleum        

River Darter                                              Percina shumardi      

Slenderhead Darter                                Percina phoxocephala         

Stripetail Darter                                       Etheostoma kennicotti

Variegate Darter                                     Etheostoma variatum      



Freshwater Drum                                    Aplodinotus grunniens t



American Eel                                           Anguilla rostrata



Alligator Gar                                              Lepisosteus spatula  

Longnose Gar                                           Lepisosteus osseus  

Shortnose Gar                                          Lepisosteus platostomus t     

Spotted Gar                                               Lepisosteus oculatus


Minnow-like: Chubs, Minnows and Shiners

Bigeye Chub                                              Hybopsis amblops t  

Cheek Chub                                              Semotilus atromaculatus

Hornyhead Chub                                       Nocomis biguttatus   

River Chub                                                 Nocomis micropogon

Silver Chub                                                Hybopsis storeriana  

Speckled Chub                                         Hybopsis aestivalis   

Streamline Chub                                       Hybopsis dissimilis   

Blacknose Dace                                       Rhinichthys atraculatus

Redside Dace                                          Clinostomus elongatus

Bluntnose Minnow                                    Pimephales notatus t

Bullhead Minnow                                      Pimephales vigilax   

Fathead Minnow                                      Pimephales promelas

Silverjaw Minnow                                     Ericymba buccata     

Silvery Minnow                                         Hybognathus nuchalis

Suckermouth Minnow                              Phenacobius mirabilis

Bigeye Shiner                                           Notropis boops

Common Shiner                                       Notropis cornutus      

Emerald Shiner                                        Notropis atherinoides

Ghost Shiner                                            Notropis buchanani  

Golden Shiner                                          Notemigonus crysoleucas   

Mimic Shiner                                            Notropis volucellus   

Ribbon Shiner                                          Notropis fumeus

River Shiner                                              Notropis blennius

Rosefin Shiner                                         Notropis ardens

Rosyface Shiner                                       Notropis rubellus                     

Sand Shiner                                              Notropis stamineus   

Silver Shiner                                             Notropis photogenis             

Spotfin Shiner                                          Notropis spiloterus

Spottail Shiner                                         Notropis hudsonius   

Steelcolor Shiner                                     Notropis whipplei

Striped Shiner                                         Notropis chrysocephalus

Miscellaneous Minnow-type Fish

Common Stoneroller                               Campostoma anomolum

Blackstripe Topminnow                          Fundulus notatus

Brook Silverside                                      Labidethes sicculus  

Mosquito Fish                                          Gambusia affinis

Pirateperch                                              Aphredoderus sayanus

Troutperch                                                Percopsis omiscomaycus                      



American Brook Lamprey                      Lampetra appendix   

Ohio Lamprey                                          Ichthyomyzon bdellium

Silver Lamprey                                        Ichthyomyzon unicuspis



Goldeye                                                    Hiodon alosoides t

Mooneye                                                  Hiodon tergisus t                                      



Paddlefish                                               Polyodon spathula    



Logperch                                                  Percina caprodes t   

Yellow Perch                                            Perca flavescens


Pike Group

Muskellunge                                            Esox masquinongy   

Grass Pickerel                                        Esox americanus vermiculatus  

Northern Pike                                          Esox lucius*


Sauger – Walleye

Sauger                                                     Stizostedion canadense

Walleye                                                    Stizostedion vitreum vitreum



Mottled Sculpin                                      Cottus carolinae



Alabama Shad                                       Alosa alabamae

Alewife                                                     Alosa pseudoharengus*

Skipjack Shad                                        Alosa chrysochloris t   

American Shad                                      Alosa sapidissima*   

American Gizzard Shad                        Dorosoma cepedianum

Threadfin Shad                                      Dorosoma petense   



Lake Sturgeon                                       Acipenser fulvescens

Shovel-nose Sturgeon                          Scaphirohynchus platorhychus t    



Bluegill                                                     Leponis macrochirus t        

Pumpkinseed                                          Leponis gibbosus      

Green Sunfish                                         Leponis cyanellus     

Longear Sunfish                                     Leponis megalotis                  

Orangespotted Sunfish                         Leponis humilis         

Redear Sunfish                                      Leponis microlophus t          

Warmouth                                               Leponis gulosus


Oceanic (Freshwater Tolerant)

Coho Salmon                                         Oncorhynchus kisutch*

Atlantic Rainbow Smelt                         Osmerus mordax

Sea Trout                                                Salmo trutta*  


Created March 26, 2010, Updated February 18, 2013