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Can you match the fossil with its description?


Match this fossil…                         with this description.


1. Blastoid                  A. Related to Octopus


2. Brachiopod             B. Bivalve usually moves


3. Bryozoan                C. Three body sections


4. Cephalopod            D. Type of sponge


5. Clam                       E. Nut-shaped body


6. Crinoid                    F. Shaped like a cow horn


7. Honeycomb Coral   G. Evidence an animal passed by


8. Horn Coral               H. Sometimes called “moss animal”


9. Snail                         I. Anchored with peduncle


10. Stromatoporoid      J. Stalked with feathery arms


11. Trace                     K. Coiled mollusk of land, sea, river


12. Trilobite                   L. Contains polygonal chambers



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Updated November 23, 2010