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Match the Prehistoric Tool

Native Americans once lived at the Falls of the Ohio and they made different types of tools (called artifacts) out of stone, bone, and many other kinds of materials.


Can you match the artifacts with how it was used?

(Write the number by the name of the artifact)


bone needle


_____ Bone needle      1. Game piece made of ground stone



Calf Creek projectile point


_____ Projectile point   2. A stone tool attached to a sturdy used to chop                                            and branches


atlatl weight


_____ Atlatl weight         3. A stone with drilled holes strung on leather



White Springs point modified to a scraper


_____ Scraper                4. Used to clean hides of fat and hair


flint drill


_____ Drill                      5. A ground stone tool resembling an axe but                                             without a groove


cone pestle


_____ Pestle                  6. Attached to a spear or arrow



bone fish hook


_____ Fish hook            7. Used to sew hides together for shoes and                                                        clothes                 


clay pot


_____ Pottery                 8. A stone attached to a throwing stick of an atlatl





_____ Celt                     9. Used to crack nuts and grind seeds



chunky stones


_____ Chunky stone     10. Made of bone and used to catch fish



slate pendant


_____ Pendant               11. Made of clay and used to cook food


3/4 grooved ax


_____ Ax head               12. An elongated flint point attached to a wooden



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Created November 9, 2011