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Home School at the Falls


The Falls of the Ohio State Park is a great place to learn about geology, fossils, nature, and history!

     SChool group on fossil beds         Group learning about George Rogers Clark at the cabin

                       Discovery the fossil beds                               Learning about George Rogers Clark

This page is designed to provide home school educator’s with information about the field trip opportunities and resources. It is also a ‘one stop’ connection, to the diverse resources available throughout our extensive website. Links to our other education pages are at the bottom.


Field Trip Planning for Home School Groups

Outreach opportunities are available for groups of 10 or more students.

See Outreach information.


$7 per student*


*Educational group rate is for a minimum of 10 students. Since home schools often have a wide range of children’s ages, we will allow a 1 to 5 chaperone rate (one free adult per five students). Additional adult chaperons are $7


Groups smaller than 10 – regular admission rates apply:

$7 - 5 to 11

$9 -  12 and older

Under 5 free.


To request a visit - please see the link at the bottom of this page.


We recommend scheduling your visit between 1:00 and 3:00 PM to avoid the larger traditional school groups. This will give you plenty of time for your children to discover the Interpretive Center exhibits and explore the fossil beds before the Center closes at 5:00 PM.


The Falls of the Ohio includes many subjects

for your children’s field experience:


Science – Paleontology, geology, biology, ecology, river studies, etc.

Social studies – Archaeology, prehistoric cultures, 18th, 19th & 20th century local history: George Rogers Clark and Lewis & Clark expedition are a major emphasis.

Language Arts – Reading, writing, journaling (Shawnee conversation in our wegiwa)

Mathematics – There are many creative ways to incorporate math at the Interpretive Center and on the fossil beds

Visual Arts – Sketching, photography, painting, texture exploration, etc.

P.E. – Walk or bicycle the Ohio River Greenway from the Interpretive Center to the GRC home site and back (1.5 miles each way). Combine with nature observation activities.


Outdoor fossil lab on coral beds               Students doing indoor fossil lab.

                           Outdoor Fossil Lab                                                   Indoor Fossil Lab

Hands-on / Minds-on Activities

Walk in the woods - see giant cottonwood trees and look for birds and other wildlife

Explore the Devonian fossil beds - a site unlike anywhere else in the world!

Investigate the river bank - look for evidence of beaver or early construction along the river

View birds in the wild - can you spot a bald eagle, osprey or great egret?

Visit the GRC home site -  the cabin is open Memorial Day - late October on weekends.

Dig in our fossil and mineral collecting piles -The Silurian and Devonian-age fossils are from two different local quarries and the minerals come from southern Illinois.


Need a multi-disciplinary curriculum guide for the Falls? Try Probing the Wonders of the Falls (available in our gift shop for $7.95, plus tax).


Great Falls of the Ohio on-line resources to prepare your students:

Educator’s Handbook

Your Guide to the Falls of the Ohio


Kid's Discovery Pack

Bring your own supplies to explore the fossil beds!




Lewis and Clark Expedition Activity

A great way to learn about the expedition. 



We have many writing activities for students. Click here for learn more.


Resources you can borrow for two weeks

Loaner Trunks: Archaeology, Fossil, Minerals, and Rocks


Archaeology Kit                                                    Fossil Trunk


Visiting the Interpretive Center

New activity sheets are found on the main educator web page.

Additional Resources


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