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Fungi of Clark County, Indiana

List compiled by Karen Maag as part of her Level 3 Naturalist at Heart volunteer certification.


Common Name                           Scientific Name                             Months Seen


Artist Conk                                     Ganoderma applantatum              Year Round

Black Jelly Roll                               Exidia glandulosa                          November - January

Bleeding Mycena                          Myacena hamatopus                     June - September

Chicken Mushroom                       Laetiporus sulphureus                   May - November

Cinnabar-Red Chanterella           Cantharellus cinnabariunus          Late June - October

Citrin Amanita                               Amanita citrina                                 August - November

Club-like Tuning Fork                   Calicera corea                                 August - November

Cook's Amanita                            Amanita cokeri                                July - November

Comb's Tooth                                Hericum ramosum                         August - October

Cracked-cap Polypore                 Phellinus rimosus                           Year Round

Crested Coral                               Clavulina cristata                             June - October

Cross-veined Troop Mushroom   Xeromphalina kauffmanii             Spring - Summer

Dead Man's Fingers                    Xylaria polymorpha                         June - October

Destroying Angel                          Amanita virosa                                 Late June - Early November

Dryad's Saddle                             Polyporus squamosus                    May - November

Elegant Polypore                          Polyporus varius                              June - November

Elegant Stinkhorn                         Matinus elgans                                July - September

Eyelash Cup                                  Scutellina scutellata                       June - November

False Cesar's Mushroom            Amanita parcivulvata                      July - September     

Fawn Mushroom                           Pluteus cervinus                              May - October

Gem-studded Puffball                  Lyopredon perlatum                       July - October

Giant Puffball                                Clavatia gigantea                             Mid-May - Mid-October

Golden Glandular Pluteus            Pluteus aurantiorugosus                August - October

Golden Waxy Cup                        Hygrophorus flavescens                 June - November

Granular Puffball                           Archnion album                               June - September

Green Stain                                  Chlorociboria aeruginascens         June - November

Hairy Parchment                          Stereum hirsutum                             July - November

Half-free Morel                              Morchella semilibera                      April - Early May

Japanese Inky Umbrella              Coprinus micaceus                         April - October

Little Nest Polypore                     Poronidulus conchifer                     June - November

Ling Chih                                      Ganoderma lucidum                        May - November

Many-headed Slime                    Physarum polycephalum               June - October

Meadow Mushroom                    Agaricus campestris                        August - September

Orange Mycena                           Myacena lesinana                           June - September

Oyster Mushroom                        Pleurous osteratus                           Year Round

Pear-shaped Puffball                  Lycoperdon pyriforme                     July - November

Pleated Pluteus                           Pluteus longistriatus                        August - September

Red-belted Polypore                  Fomitopsis pinicola                          Year Round

Red-cracked Bolete                   Boletus chrysenteron                       June - October

Red Raspberry Slime                 Tubifera ferruginosa                        June - November

Reddening Lepiota                     Lepiota acutesquamosa                 July - October

"Red Russula"                             Russula rubescens                         June - September

Rooted Collybia                          Xerula furfuracea                             Spring - Fall

Scaley Pholiota                           Pholiata squarrosa                          July - October

Shaggy Mane                              Coprinus comatus                            May - Early June, Sept. - October

Shaggy Parasol                          Lepiota rachodes                              September - October

Splash Cups                                Cyathus striatus striatus                  July - October

Stalked Scarlet Cup                   Sarcoscypha occidentalis               May - June (Sept. in cool years)

Tree Ear                                       Auricularia auricula                           May - June, Sept. - December

Reddish-brown Bitter Bolete     Tylopilus rubrobruneus                   June - November

Variable Russula                         Russula variata                                July - Early October

Walnut Mycena                            Mycena lateopallens                       September - November

White Worm Coral                      Clavaria vermicularis                      July - September

Witch's Butter                              Tremella mesenterica                     Year Round 

Wolf's Milk Slime                        Lycogala epidendrum                     June - November

Yellow Blusher                             Amanita flavorubrens                      Late June - October

Yellow Bolbitius                           Bolbitius vitellineus                         May - June, Sept. - Early October

Yellow Morel                                 Morel esculenta                              April - Early June

Yellowish-white Melanoleuca     Melanoleuca alboflavida               June - September


Created October 20, 2014