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Fossil Quiz

Are you a budding paleontologist?

See how many of these answers you can get correct!


1.)  Amber is a fossil.                                                                                                      True         False

2.) Ammonites are still in the ocean today.                                                                  True         False

3.) Camels used to roam North America                                                                     True         False

4.) Fossil birds are found in Indiana.                                                                            True         False

5.) Saber-tooth Cats lived with dinosaurs.                                                                   True         False

6.) The Jurassic Park movie Velociraptor was life size.                                            True         False

7.) China has more known dinosaur nests than any other country.                           True         False

8.) The largest terrestrial egg belongs to the Elephant Bird.                                     True         False

9.) Megalodon was a dinosaur.                                                                                    True         False

10.)  Like birds, dinosaurs and marine reptiles ate rocks.                                        True         False

11.) Horses evolved in North America.                                                                        True         False

12.) Rhinos evolved in Africa.                                                                                       True         False

13.) Tracks are not considered fossils.                                                                        True         False

14.) A T. rex skeleton fits in the Interpretive Center lobby.                                         True         False

Tyrannosaurus teeth

Photograph from Dr. Jack Hankla’s “More than Dinosaurs” exhibit

at the Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center in 2004.


Created January 25, 2011, Updated July 26.