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Family Nature Club

at the

Falls of the Ohio State Park


Learning to use a spotting scope and birdwatching are two activities we will do         Measuring the diameter of a cottonwood tree

          Learn about birds - watching and listening           Investigate nature - like this giant cottonwood!

About the Club

No dues or membership fees!

Our Family Nature Club provides the perfect opportunity to get outside with your family and friends and do something fun! Make time to enjoy nature and good company.

Different activities are scheduled one Sunday each month from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.They are designed to promote thinking and use your senses in a safe, natural setting. This is a family program, and a responsible adult must stay with the child or children.


Our goal: Keep children interested in the outdoors by providing opportunities to develop their motor skills, opportunities for imaginative play, build, make and experiment, develop communication and social skills. We want them to become curious about their world!


Planting butterfly weed    Sketching fossils on fossil beds

              Planting butterfly weed in our garden               Sketching fossils on the fossil beds

Joining the Club

How much does it cost to join the Family Nature Club? -- Just a $2 per child program fee. There are no membership requirements - just show up!

We meet in the picnic area behind the Interpretive Center unless otherwise noted.

2017 Club Schedule

Subject to change. Inclement weather cancels.

Our other events and programs are family-friendly!



Butterflies - a close-up look!

Safe solar eclipse viewing                Art in the Park with Anabel Hopkins Designing a nature mask

Making a mineral collection

Making a natural holiday ornament

2018 Program dates coming soon.

Sunday, 2 - 3 PM

July 9

August 6

September 17

October 15

November 12

December 10

Park Location 

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Collecting piles

Interpretive Center lobby


Look for program descriptions on the Falls State Park Facebook page several weeks out or sign up to be notified at

Throwing darts with an atlatl

                                                        Throwing a dart with an atlatl



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