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Birding at the Falls

Double-crested Cormorants

     Double-crested Cormorant in water          Double-crested Cormorant over the water

  Sitting low in water (no water-repelling oil on feathers)

Kathy Dennis Photos

    Double-crested Cormorant drying its wings         Group of double-crested cormorants on rocks

                              Drying out                                              Group of Cormorants, May 2, 2007

                        Kathy Dennis Photo                                                   Alan Goldstein / IDNR Photo

Double-crested cormorants lined up on a log       Cormorant taking to the air

             Group on a log                                                Taking to the air, October 2011

                            Kathy Dennis Photo                                                            Garrick Fields photo

Double-crested Cormorant swallowing a fish

Swallowing a fish, October 2009

Garrick Fields photo

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